Extract the Water Surface

"Place out of Time"
Setuchi Triennale
Shikoku-Mura, Yashima, Kagawa prefecture, Japan

When I go to the water's edge, I look at the phenomena in the water. Natural and artificial circumstances float in the sea, affecting the waves, movements and reflections of light on the surface of the water. Underneath the water there are swaying aquatic plants and sand. In this project, I refer to the delicate tides of the Seto Inland Sea, a body of water much like Lake Michigan, in Chicago, IL. In this artwork, I wanted to create a water surface experience that constantly changes in a complex manner depending on the place and time. This artwork uses the heat of light to move liquid and the projection of light to condense an image onto its surface. By installing objects that encourage observation, generate movement in the water, and reflect light, I create texture on the water’s surface. In my installation I arrange objects found in the Shikoku mura archive, to play with light, reflection, and movement. The translation of natural movements from the outdoors to the indoors allows us to reflect on nature and its rhythms.