Reflection as Compression

Yamaji Textile Factory, Gunma prefecture, Japan
Outstanding Performance Award, Tokyo University of the Arts: Art Festival 2021

 Recently I have been considering how I relate to both technology and nature. What are the emotional and physical differences of being in front of and within an electronic screen? When I relay an installation work as video, I inevitably encounter the complications of the original space compressed tightly into the screen. At this event, I aim to make an installation work as a series of live visual images based on this sensation of compression. When the visual phenomena of this experimental installation are compressed in the act of live streaming, the visual phenomena will traverse space-time, and may be able to exist as transformed drawings of the original phenomena. This is one approach to my belief that conceptual art can be grounded by a sense of reality.

I intend to realize visual images in unstable situations as an installation work by using natural phenomena in which chemicals and other physical forms such as liquid move and change conditions. When we see such unstable images, I believe we experience bodily feelings in the automatic use of our eyes. I am curious about this and expect these unstable visual experiences to lead to new sensations, even if we can only see such images through digital gadgets. My project exists in this dynamic contemporary relationship between technology, nature, and human feelings.