Catalyst for Dissolving a Partition


Selected work
Doko×Deza Competition by Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art
The Former Bank of Japan Hiroshima Branch, Hiroshima, Japan

This work aims to dissolve the role of the partition in the Former Bank of Japan Hiroshima Branch. When I first saw photos of this historical building, I became curious about the partition. This partition remains even after the building ceases to function, and I have a sense of awe because the partition’s role never ends, even when humans are gone. I was thinking about how we can relate to this obsolete role now, and I wanted to create an indirect connection with the partition through this installation work. I set up an object that is similar to the partition to dissolve (or, mix) the border. Recently we often see acrylic partitions and square digital windows and cannot touch anything easily, but I want to believe we can connect in indirect ways through our perceptions.