Phenomenon & Representation

Graduation Project
Tokyo University of the Arts The 66th Graduation Works Exhibitions
Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo University of the Arts, Ueno, Japan
 Mr. O commemoration prize, Tokyo University of the Arts

I used equipment in the laboratory for my final presentation for graduation. My aim was to create a new laboratory in the exhibition room as a place where we can encounter various scientific phenomena. I put various chemicals inside a water tank in the space, and arranged a system whereby the chemicals flowed through tubes connected to containers in order to produce chemical reactions. Moreover, I also made a network of tubes as part of the installation work. I did this to create a complex structure that serves to depict the current generation, which is facing increasing complexity due to new technologies and the huge amount of information that accompany them. In addition, I exhibited this work both in the museum and in the university at the same time. Therefore, there are a multitude of phenomena that exist simultaneously. Such an atmosphere shows the reality of today's society, and I try to use this as a source of inspiration. Numerous scientific phenomena have been the main influence in my practice. I would like to create visual forms based on my experience of information and technology through my own senses.