Optical Flow

TENKU Art Festibal 2018
Life is Art Exhibition
Factory basement, Tomi, Nagano, Japan

First, I was impressed when I heard the venue where this work was shown was formerly a factory for silk production, and imagined an image of weaving. Therefore, I wanted to create a new space through an installation that weaved light into the space. I planned to connect artificial lights and the continually fluctuating sunlight in the basement. I tried to use a lot of natural light through reflection. In particular, I made several rainbows in the basement by using prisms and sunlight. Rainbows are not a perpetual phenomenon, and we can only encounter them for a limited time. Such experiences give me a heightened sense of reality, and this was also a theme in this artwork. When I went to Iceland, I saw the Northern Lights, which made a lasting impression on me. I wanted to realize reality in my artwork by remembering personal encounters with natural phenomena.