Extract / Draw

Digital Photo Print
Semi Grand Prix

This is a photograph taken during an installation work presented as my graduation project. The installation continued to show moments of chemical transformation and physical phenomena that occurred throughout the exhibition. I have been treating numerous phenomena as important elements in my installation work. Such phenomena appear only momentarily, so I tried to capture them using photography. The reason why I started doing installation work is because the sequence is similar to drawings. My professor once told me that if an artist wants to draw better, they should draw following their emotions and not thought. That is why I am interested in the exact moment at which the spontaneous expression of a person's emotion occurs. Recently, I heard Artificial Intelligence could draw pictures. However, I do believe that natural phenomena generate really complex figures, which I think is more original and far beyond the capability of Artificial Intelligence. In addition, I suspect natural phenomena are also able to possess some form of expression if this is true. This is because my thoughts and feelings are affected by my belief in Animism that even inanimate objects have souls.