About the relationship between art and science
that is a concept for my art work

Since I was a child, I have thought that science includes art. The human being has encoded necessary information as data obtained from experiments, recorded it as science, and studied it. It is important for science to develop. However, I strongly believe that, by doing experiments, we can get not only data but also much other information.

I receive much inspiration from a place where an experiment is conducted. I believe that materials that change by chemical reaction, places where chemical changes occur, and devices to do experiments have a lot of unique images. The unique atmosphere we feel when a scientific experiment is conducted seems to me like the one we feel at a serious ceremony. In addition, I feel that art and science are basically very similar.
Scientists study a theory and conduct an experiment. We can say that scientists and artists are similar because artists think about a work and draw. I am interested in similarities between science and art and study how to relate these two things.